Best Movers for Lake County

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Before I share tried and true moving companies that come recommended by myself, past clients, and other area Realtors, a quick PSA. Make sure you’re dealing with an actual moving company, not a moving broker. Moving brokers/middlemen are a scam and have essentially extorted innocent people for money while holding their belongings ransom. Okay, that said.

Here are some companies that are worth looking into for your next move!

Kari-Ann Ryan, Mid-West Moving & Storage. 847-621-5176

Dave’s Movers. 847-826-0626

Olsen Brothers Movers Mayflower. 847- 394-1900

Merchants Moving Budd Van Lines. 800-247-3009

Reebie Allied Moving and Storage. 844-473-3243

First Class Moving and Storage. 800-704-0242

Armstrong United Movers. Christine Brandt is the contact 847-372-2705

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