Let’s Clear their Lists! Support Lake County Teachers 2022

Our teachers deserve the best start to the school year and we want to help make that happen! Teachers often spend their own money on supplies for their students and classrooms, why not help by purchasing a small item from their Amazon list to help them out? Let’s show our local teachers how loved and […]

Best Movers for Lake County

Before I share tried and true moving companies that come recommended by myself, past clients, and other area Realtors, a quick PSA. Make sure you’re dealing with an actual moving company, not a moving broker. Moving brokers/middlemen are a scam and have essentially extorted innocent people for money while holding their belongings ransom. Okay, that […]

Restaurants Open for Christmas Dinner Carry-out in Northern Lake County

The Holidays are upon us and with 2020 giving us a run for our money, who isn’t up for a good treat yo’self moment or ten? Support these awesome local restaurants and chefs while getting your full indulge on before the New Year, it’s a win-win! NOTE: Almost all establishments require pre-order, so take your […]

Where to Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs in Northern Lake Co, IL & Best DIY Recipes

What will 2020 be known for? Plenty of negatives come to mind, sure, but one bright spot as we end the year is a new trend in hot drinks- Hot Chocolate Bombs! These delightful spheres with a molded hard chocolate shell, cocoa mix, marshmallows and sprinkles hiding inside are so fun and so easy to […]